About us

-Welcome to our strass paradise -

Sandraz shop is a Jordanian based store founded by Samia Al Zakleh; also known as Sandra, in 2014. Sandraz shop could be described as a “Strass Paradise” for individuals that love everything that shines and sparkles as it specializes in selling products coated with Swarovski crystals and stones.

The idea behind the shop came from her passion towards accessories and especially products that shine. Samia always had the vision of changing dull, cliché products into products that catch the eye with their sparkle.

Samia was known for her proficiency in the field of products that are hand-coated with swarovski crystals and her unique and distinctive ideas. Samia first sparked in this field after decorating a steering wheel cover with swarovski crystals. Due to her love for Starbucks,she decided to add her own touch to their cliche cups by coating them with swarovski stones.Not only that, but recently, she started decorating shisha’s with such crystals and also started making her own unique shisha flavors that had an amazing feedback from her customers.

Samia has evolved in decorating everything around her and everything that the customer desires to decorate from the ordinary products to the unique ones. Samia kept expanding her knowledge in this field and other fields as well. With time, a gold shop adopted her to train her in the field of gold and diamonds until she was aware of all their types and and how they vary.

Samia was afraid of the reaction of the customers on the new product but she was able to attract them and gain their trust with an exclusive and new idea. From that point onwards, she started taking orders on car medals that are shaped according to the car and not only that but she was able to shape photos of the customers on gold.

Samia’s popularity grew in the arab world as she was the first woman to open a shop- based business of this kind and because of her unique and distinctive ideas.

Our price range depends on the product itself and the type of stone used to coat it along with the delivery fees to the desired country.

“Glitter is my signature color”